2000 Ravens vs. 2014 Seahawks: Final 6 Games Comparison

2000 Ravens

Although we know the 2000 Ravens’ defense was one of the best ever (the team won Trent Dilfer a Super Bowl…how does that even happen?), but how does it compare to the unreal play of the Seahawks through the final six games of the 2014 season?

Through their last six games, the Ravens gave up a perfect 10 points per game. They also picked a shutout over the Cowboys. Through Seattle’s final six games, they gave up only 39 points to the 2000 Ravens’ 60, a stark difference.

The Ravens allowed 1,551 total yards of offense in their final six games to Seattle’s 1,213. Baltimore allowed 311 rushing yards while Seattle allowed a similarly low 396.

You might argue that the Seahawks faced quarterback play that wasn’t as good as what the Ravens faced, but that might not be true.

The Seahawks got to face Drew Stanton, Colin Kaepernick on a slump year (twice), Mark Sanchez and Shaun Hill. The Ravens had to go up against Steve McNair, Troy Aikman (who threw three interceptions), Doug Pederson and Spergon Wynn, Ryan Leaf, Jake Plummer and Vinny Testaverde. Not a single Pro Bowler in this entire group.

So with all this, I think it’s safe to conclude that the 2014 Seahawks had one of the best defensive units since the 2000 Ravens, it just took them 10 games to get warmed up.


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