Odds and Ends

  • In 2000, the historic Ravens team that won the Super Bowl went the entire month of October (five whole games) without scoring a touchdown…and won twice.
  • The 1986 Dolphins started 1-4 behind a defense that gave up 196 points in only five games.
  • In 1972, Houston Oilers quarterback Dan Pastorini finished a game against Pittsburgh in which he had more interceptions (4) than completions (3).
  • In 1993, a game that pitted the Houston Oilers against the Atlanta Falcons also produced an NFL record that still stands: fewest combined rushing attempts in a game, with 34.
  • Bobby Hoying, a quarterback who played for the Raiders and Eagles, threw 231 passes from 1998-2000. None of these reached the end-zone, setting an NFL record.
  • In 1934, the Cincinnati Reds (a football team) scored only 10 points in eight games. They then folded, became the St. Louis Gunners, and scored 21 points in three games, bringing their total after 11 games to 37. The same team is the only one to give up more than 5 yards per rushing attempt, with 6.40.
  • In a 1974 game, the Buffalo Bills attempted only two passes against the Jets, completing neither. They still won the game.
  • The 1-10 Philadelphia Eagles in 1940 didn’t average even a yard-per-carry (their mark stood at 0.94).
  • Over the course of a three-year career, Bills quarterback Gary Marangi completed only 36.7% of the 283 passes he threw.
  • Michael Haddix, the Philadelphia Eagles’ first-round draft choice in 1983, finished his career with the lowest yards-per-carry average for any back with 3.0.
  • The expansion Jacksonville Jaguars in 1995 only sacked opposing quarterbacks 17 times for 72 yards.
  • Chicago Cardinals quarterback Jim Hardy set an NFL record that still stands with 8 interceptions in a single game against Philadelphia.
  • Out of the 25 quarterbacks selected in the Top 10 in NFL drafts from 1999-2014, only 10 have made at least one Pro Bowl.
  • The 1986 Philadelphia Eagles gave up 104 sacks, almost double the team that led the league in 2013 for sacks taken (the Dolphins, with 58).
  • Despite finishing 9-7, the 1992 Indianapolis Colts had a W-L projection of 5-11.
  • The 2004 Kansas City Chiefs scored 483 points on the year and somehow finished 7-9.
  • After a game in which he threw 6 touchdowns and no interceptions, Ravens quarterback Tony Banks then proceeded to go 4-3 in a seven-game stretch in which he threw only two touchdowns to eight interceptions in 2000. The team did not score a touchdown for 21 quarters.

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