Worst Teams of All Time Bracket Announcement

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars

The Worst Teams of All Time articles are popular, so once I “finish” with them, I’ll be running a March Madness style bracket to try and determine who is the worst of the worst. A few more articles need to be written, and even after I write the article(s), I’ll still continue it with modern-day teams as they finish across various seasons.

Feedback is necessary for the posts to work, as are comments. Votes will be taken to decide who advances in the brackets and who stays behind.

Remember, if you think one team is worse than the other, you vote for them, not the other team. Links to the articles will be provided, so if you didn’t catch one I wrote, say, two months ago, you’ll be able to and make up your mind.

I’ll begin it once I finish with a few more articles, but I hope you’ll enjoy the bracket, as it’ll be a lengthy process, and remember, you will make it work.

Happy reading to everyone and I hope you’re looking forward to the holidays.


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