Are the Cardinals going to collapse?

Drew Stanton

Currently, it’s a little under an hour before the early games in Week 14, and the Arizona Cardinals face an admittedly stiff test in the 7-5 Kansas City Chiefs. Only two days after signing a contract extension, Carson Palmer was ruled out for the season after an injury. Drew Stanton came to fill in, and in the last two games, the Cardinals have only scored 21 points. They only scored 18 against the Atlanta Falcons who own the NFL’s worst pass defense. Now, the Cardinals’ defense is still very good, but if your offense can’t score any points, it’s tough to win many games. The Cardinals face the Chiefs, the giant-killing Rams and the brick wall that is the Seattle Seahawks to close out the season, as well as the 49ers in the season’s final week. Is Arizona going to finish 9-7 and record a legendary collapse, or will they be able to save it?


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