Oakland and Jacksonville’s Week 13 Games

In Week 13, the 1-10 Jaguars and 1-10 Raiders both played games against the 3-8 New York Giants and the 4-7 St. Louis Rams. I said in just my last post that I thought the hopeless Jaguars were the worse team by a hair, but I was clearly wrong.

Jacksonville put all the pieces together…well, no, not really, they fell behind 21-0 to the Giants, losers of 7 straight, and then put all the pieces together. The Jags’ weak offense stormed back for a 25-24 comeback win, a game that has surely cost Tom Coughlin his job in the Big Apple while simultaneously costing Jacksonville a No.1 overall draft pick they wanted so bad. This is because of the Raiders’ failures.

Oakland proved to be an even worse steaming heap of dung than I thought they were, suffering a 52-0 obliteration at the hands of the 4-7 Rams, a game that some predicted to be their only win of the season. Well, news for you, their surprise over Kansas City is going to be their only win of the season. Oakland faces San Francisco, Kansas City, Buffalo and Denver down the stretch, with their combined record tallying 30-18. Their defense is worse than I thought it was, but that has nothing on the offense. Anything the Raiders did was wrong, and with a 38-0 halftime deficit, Oakland receded and never returned. Matt Schaub replaced the embattled Derek Carr, who threw no touchdowns and two interceptions. So what did Schaub do? He comes in and throws a pick-six to bring the Rams’ point total to 52, while bringing his stats to an eye catching 5 completions in 10 attempts for 57 yards and two interceptions.

I think there’s a higher power watching down on me to alter games, so let me say this: any team that plays the Dolphins is better, much like Oakland to Jacksonville, and we should lose all of them. We shouldn’t win in the playoffs nor should we face Green Bay in the Super Bowl or win.

Let’s see what happens, shall we?


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