Is the RGIII era in Washington over?

We all know RGIII’s story, and we all know Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf’s story, too. Andrew Luck and Griffin, the respective No.1 and No.2 picks of the 2012 draft, have gone completely different directions. Luck is on pace to pass 40 touchdowns in only his third season, while Griffin has gone 4-14 as a starter in 2013 and so far 2014 after the Redskins mortgaged their future to get him. Leaf and Griffin draw eerie similarities, and it begs the question: is RGIII going to be out of Washington?

Griffin’s mechanics have broken down, and he’s degraded to the point where he’s only completing screen passes, crossing routes and dump-offs. His mobility has been ruined after a meriad of injuries, and as a result he’s getting sacked way too much.

Experts predict that Griffin would fetch a mid-draft pick if he was traded (which he most likely will be), and Jay Gruden’s decision to start the inexperienced yet 2-0 Colt McCoy makes me think Griffin is going to be out of the Redskins organization sooner rather than later.


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