Robert Griffin III: Ricky Williams 2?

As many of us know, Ricky Williams was a running back selected in the 1999 NFL Draft by the Saints. Mike Ditka’s squad had just suffered through two miserable 6-10 seasons, and in an effort to raise a sinking ship and possibly save his job, Ditka decided he needed to draft Williams. Ditka traded the entire rest of the Saints’ draft, plus a 3rd round pick in 2000 to the Redskins for their spot to select Williams.

Williams wasn’t even a very good player. He got traded around, retired because of bankruptcy with the Dolphins (he’s recently said he left because of Miami’s crappy quarterbacks at the time), and then later blamed a failed drug test…on drugs. (That actually happened.) Williams certainly wasn’t the second coming of Earl Campbell, and not the player Ditka hoped. They finished 3-13 in 1999, and Ditka was fired.

Robert Griffin III has followed a similar path. Although Washington didn’t give St. Louis their entire draft in order to draft Griffin, but it almost seemed like it. They gave the Rams their No.6 overall pick, their 2nd round pick in 2012 and first round picks in both 2013 and 2014.

Griffin, at the time of my writing, is coming off a blowout loss to the wretched Buccaneers at home. Griffin seems to be regressing, his famous mobility becoming nonexistent as he keeps taking sacks. The awful Buccaneer defense was able to easily handle Washington’s “franchise quarterback”. There are questions arising about his ability to read defenses, and he also more or less threw his entire team under the bus.

Griffin has got to start performing, otherwise he’s going to be regarded as a draft bust and a horrible draft mistake for Washington, a product of Mike Shanahan’s inability to handle the draft.


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