What Special Teams Players should be in the Hall of Fame?

I believe there’s a clear bias against special teams players not getting into the Hall of Fame, either that or there’s unbelievable stars that always seem to logjam them. What are the top 3 special teams players that deserve a bust in Canton?

1. Steve Tasker (Kick/Punt Coverage man, Buffalo, 1986-1997) 

Steve Tasker 2

Steve Tasker was astonishing, able to block punts at an extremely impressive rate and in some high-pressure situation (his early block in Super Bowl XXVII as an example), and could often hunt down punt returners like Rod Woodson and Deion Sanders with surprising speed and blast them for a loss of two yards. Tasker was also occasionally used as a receiver on offense, but was usually denied the opportunity due to Marv Levy’s concern about his health, needing him for Special Teams.

2. Nick Lowery (Kicker, for New England, Kansas City and the Jets from 1978-1996)

Nick Lowery

Nick Lowery is my pet special teams candidate for the Hall, and he should very much be there. He still holds the record for all-time field goals, converted on 80% of his kicks, scored 1,711 points in his career and set other numerous records.

3. Gary Anderson (Kicker, too many teams, 1982-2004)

Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson is generally disliked by Minnesota fans, due to his choke in the ’98 NFC Championship game, but Anderson was a very, very good kicker, maybe the best ever. He made 80.1% of his kicks for 2,434 points, and was also the first kicker in history to record a perfect season, converting on all of his extra points and field goals during the regular season. His #1 was also retired by the Steelers.

Also in consideration: Mel Gray, Dante Hall, Devin Hester (multi-position), Reggie Roby, Adam Vinatieri, Morten Andersen 


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