Should the Giants dump Eli Manning?

Despite the cries of many Giant fans who are grabbing to Eli’s past like a stubborn pit bull grabs the sidewalk on an unwanted stroll, Eli Manning has sucked wind in recent games, losing what little touch was there in Ben McAdoo’s offense during the early games of the season. His five interception performance in a winnable game against San Francisco at home was disgusting, especially so considering the fact that he flubbed a 3rd-and-goal with a pick, and failed to capitalize on a surprise onside kick that was recovered by New York by throwing (you guessed it) an interception.

Manning looks uncomfortable in the offense, and although it may be crass, he’s playing stupid football. His performances have been awful, and Tom Coughlin (along with his GM) are almost buying their ticket out of New York. If they go, Manning is likely to go, and many Giants fans might not be sad to see him leave.

Eli Manning 2


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