Watch out, the Browns are for real

Well, this is the sign of the imminent apocalypse. The Browns are 6-3, after pounding the divisional rival Bengals 24-3 to snap a 17 game divisional road losing streak, and Cleveland now sits atop the AFC North. That’s not a paddy-cake division either, the Ravens are in fourth place with a 5-4 record, and the division is the only one in the league with a last place team above .500. Cleveland has never been 6-3 after coming back in 1999, and the losing spell that’s haunted Cleveland seems to have finally left, traveling up to New York to bog down the Jets. So rejoice, Browns fans. Your team wins ugly, but it wins. Cleveland could almost certainly secure a playoff spot, and Mike Pettine is a shoe-in for Coach of the Year. But the success of Cleveland, Miami and Buffalo begs the ever-present question, courtesy of Robin Williams:

What Year is It


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