What NFL Coaches are halfway through the road to getting fired?

We’ve just passed Week 8 in the 2014 NFL season, and we’re already judging the coaches who we think are strolling down the gold brick road to unemployment. No, we’re certainly not in Kansas anymore, as our first stop flies us to St. Louis, the home of embarrassing football.

1. Jeff Fisher

Well, Fisher himself isn’t looking as tip-top as he used to, and the same can be said for his coaching ability. Although Fisher coached some dominant teams in Tennessee way back when they weren’t a smoldering crater of misery, Fisher has really lost his touch over the years. Although replacing the legendary Steve Spagnuolo was easy as pie, Fisher hasn’t done a very good job of establishing his team as a contender year by year. In his first two years in St. Louis, Fisher went a very respectable 14-17-1, considering this was a team that went 2-14 in 2011, and only won 6 games from 2007-2009. However, the Rams now sit at the pit of the NFC West with a 2-5 record, and Fisher has either got to shape up his team or be shipped out of St. Louis.

2. Rex Ryan

Although Rex Ryan has established a 42-38 record in New York…hold on, what’s that hideous smell? Oh, right, it’s the 2014 Jets, a disgusting stench of losing and incompetence.

Quite a smell if you ask me.

Like I said before, Ryan does have a winning record in New York, but he hasn’t taken them to postseason play in 3 years. Now, a 1-7 start is their worst since 2007, and they seem poised to suffer their worst season since 1996. Ryan’s seat has caught fire and is now at emergency heat levels, and he has to (rather unrealistically) rattle off eight straight wins against Kansas City, Miami (twice), New England, Buffalo, and Pittsburgh with Geno Smith, who acts like turning the ball over will only extend his stay in the Big Apple. I don’t see it coming. Ryan may right the ship with a few miraculous victories, but otherwise, I see him out of New York by next year, at maximum.

3. Lovie Smith

Well, sure, what did you expect? Lovie Smith is only going to coach 1 season in Tampa Bay. There’s no way possible that this orangutan is going to be re-hired for 2015, not after having the lumber layed to them by both Atlanta (56-14) and Baltimore (48-17), as well as a crushing home overtime loss to hapless Minnesota. This is a team that is nothing short of an unmitigated catastrophe, and as the good ol’ Chris Berman used to say, while on the sidelines: “Lovie Smith has that look.”

Other mentions:

Marc Trestman and his “No, you started it” ongoing slap-fight with Jay Cutler

Gus Bradley


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