The Worst Teams of All Time, Part 3: The 2003 Detroit Tigers

This is the first post in a series that will be ongoing, where we examine and poke fun at some of the most ghastly teams ever to take the field.

Tony the Tiger would be ashamed of this team. And I know the 2003 Tigers were nowhere near as good as Frosted Flakes. They were not “Grrreeeat!”. They were depressing.

The Tigers lost 119 games in 2003, breaking an American League record that had stood for 87 years. Only the expansion Mets and the 1899 Cleveland Spiders lost more games.

Key additions were lost in the offseason, such as Jeff Weaver and Juan Acevedo. The team was left absolutely talentless.

Steve Avery

The Tigers signed Steve Avery, who was trying to shake off arm injuries and revive his career.

When the season started, the Tigers stumbled out of the gate. They lost their first 9 games by a combined score of 50-14.


Alan Trammell looking stupid, as he usually did throughout the season.

The Tigers were last in runs scored, batting average (.270), and RBIs.

Pitching was horrible as well. The starters were dead last in complete games with 3. The Tigers were last in strikeouts as well, with only 764.

Lastly, they had the /second/ to last ERA in the American League with 5.30. Only the Texas Rangers were worse.

Left fielder Craig Monroe had a nice season, with 23 home runs and 70 RBIs.

Craig Monroe

At the end of 2003, the Tigers finally made some good decisions, and improved in 2004 by 29 games, although it didn’t really take much to improve on 2003. They went backwards a bit, and that caused Trammell to be fired at the end of 2005. In 2006, the Tigers turned everything around.

But nobody can forget the tragedy that was the 2003 season.


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